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Tuesday, 31 January 2017

EDITORIAL..: Beyond the "certificate based" education

There are different definitions as to the meaning of education. It's still a topic of argument till date. But, is there a thing as too much education?  No. Education has always been an important key to human development. It is never too much.

A lot of people base education on a person's capability to pass a standardized test. As a high acquisition of the knowledge of books and philosophy. Mr Nassim Taleb, an author and critical thinker, said that "Education is the enemy of entrepreneurship. If you start having a high level of education, you start hiring people based on school success." But quite contrary, education is centre to everything we do. A woman learning that a proper massage alleviates stress, is education. A man learning that instead of throwing away the head of a yam, he can plant it to get more yams, is education. A child learning that eating with dirty hands can make him sick, is education.

The dictionary defines education as the process or art of imparting knowledge, skill and judgement. You do not necessarily have to be in a classroom to be educated. We get educated every time we learn something that we didn't know. We believe that there is a God, despite how rough the situation of life is, and that he's the one we can turn to when all hope is lost. We didn't just know these. We learnt it through our association with our parents, our elders, our society.

Every time we take risks as entrepreneurs and it either pays off or fails, we get educated on what to do when next we carry out that plan. When we are rebuked for taking in too much sugar, we get educated that diabetes isn't human friendly. When we argue that the sun revolves around the earth, we're told we're wrong, that it's the earth that revolves around the sun. That's education.  It isn't only about how fast we can multiply 50 by 25, or about our flawless use of the English language, or how well we can quote sections from the constitution. John Dewey argued that education is not memorisation of facts and ideas but acquisition of skills for problem solving. It is that which we learn from our experience as well as the experience of others. It is about how we develop ourselves socially, cognitively; to produce loving, caring and loveable people; to create and sustain a democratic society. The definition of education means different things to different people. But, it is never too much.
Beyond the "certificate based" education.

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