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Tuesday, 7 February 2017

UNILAG Senate Approves New Dress Code for Students.

The management of the University of Lagos state
has announced a dress code for students in
order to ensure that the students maintain a
clean and decent appearance in all settings on
The Dress Code
Male and female students are not allowed to
wear the following:
1. All tight-fitting clothes including skirts,
trousers and blouses.
2. All clothes which reveal sensitive parts of
the body such as the bust, chest,
belly, upper arms and the buttocks.
Examples of such dresses are transparent
clothing, “spaghetti tops”, “wicked straps”,
“mono straps,” “tubes”, and “show me your
belly”. Skirts and dresses with slits above
knees fall into this category.
3. Outfits such as knickers and mini-skirts
and dresses which are not, at least, knee-
4. Inappropriate outfits. e.g. party wear;
beachwear and bathroom slippers should
not be worn to lectures.
5. Outfits such as t-shirts and jeans, which
carry obscene and subliminal messages.
6. Trousers such as hip-riders and low waist
Matriculation and Graduation Ceremonies:
During matriculation and graduation
ceremonies, students are expected to dress
formally,and wear academic gowns.
The implementation of the dress code is as
1. General awareness and publicity: The
approved dress code is to be included in the
Students’ Handbook and the Orientation
Programme for freshmen, in addition to
creating awareness in the University news
bulletin and that of Students’ Union.
2. Orientation Programme for Fresh Students:
Students are to be exposed to lectures and
practical demonstrations on proper dress code
during orientation programmes for fresh
3. Parents Forum: The Parents’ Forum is to
sensitize its members on appropriate dress
code. This is because some students claim
that their parents buy them indecent clothes
4. Exclusion of Students From Lectures and
Services: Lecturers and administrators have
the right to correct and exclude students from
lectures and official business when they are
not properly dressed.
5. Counselling and Endorsement of Records:
Violators, depending on the specific
circumstance, would be counselled failing
which they will face the Students’ Disciplinary
Committee and have their records endorsed
The University worked out the dress code
because some male and female students
dress indecently on Campus, even to lectures.
Indecent dresses are either too tight, too
short, or expose sensitive parts of the body.
Indecent modes of dressing do not reflect
the seriousness, dignity and character-
moulding nature of the academic
enterprise. Moreover, they can result in
general lowering of moral and academic
standards in the University.
Cleanliness, neatness, modesty, decency and
appropriateness in dressing are
important values which reflect individual
dignity and sobriety through which students as
well as staff and faculty represent the
professional status of their respective

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