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Monday, 24 April 2017


  • Sir may we meet you?
I am comrade Okafor Nonso smart the state chairman, national youth council of Nigeria Anambra state chapter
  • Sir, what will you say about the topic/theme of the seminar"THE MENTAL POVERTY OF THE YOUTH : AN ADVANTAGE FOR THE ADULT"
I think the topic is a very nice topic because it has the way and capacity of  helping the youth the youth on the economic recession we have in the country today, we  have people that are not empowered economically and we have found out that what manifest in the intellect is what will manifest in the physical. so most times when people are not mentally empowered they are also economically dis-empowered in the physical.
  • As the chairman of the national youth council, Anambra chapter. what do you have to say to the students
my advice for the student is that they should be studios, be very serious with their studies an graduate with a good result before moving into any other thing they have in mind.
  • How can the youth contribute to the economy rescission of our dear country Nigeria
the youth can contribute in the stabilizing the issue of economy recession when they are economically involved in the countries economical growth. so when every youth is depending on the kind of job they will get after school without focusing on how they can contribute to the economy of the society. so with this they can contribute to the economical rescission
  • What do you have to say to the S.U.G of the campus as you where once a S.U.G president
my candid advice to the S.U.G officials is that they should be physically balanced in other not to become mentally bankrupt, i charge they to obey themselves and to take care of the students under their watch.

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