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Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Anumudu Clement is a bus driver not a s.u.g vice president....... says bishop

  • Tell us about yourself

  I am Emeka Ekwe, Faculty President of management science, C.O.O.U. I’m a final year student in accountancy department and also a student activist.

  •  Where do you see yourself five year from now?

 I have a foundation Emeka Ekwe foundation[E.E.F] and I expect that five years from now, i will be in the Enugu state house of assemble affecting the society positively. and i also hope that the foundation should go a long way in helping the less privilege in the society, even in my absence 

  •  What do you have to say concerning the forth coming S.U.G election?

The individuals coming out for the various offices of the student union government are all selfish and self centered individuals. I was expecting somebody to come out with the idea to change the way things are done and the way students are treated in the school but I haven’t seen such an aspirant. Most of the aspirant coming out now are not coming to work but they are coming for the money, for the fame and public recognition. Just like this current government which is just to enrich the occupants

  •  What do you have to say concerning the Anumudu Clement led government compared to Ije Felix government?

The Present S.U.G government 2016/2017 is a total failure. The Vice President, Comrade Anumudu Clement is from my faculty and he is a selfish and self centered individual. When we talk about failure we talk about idea and outstanding innovation that will be able to move the school foward. During the Ije Felix government, his government made sure that the affairs and matters pertaining to the student where treated very well. What we have now is “A GOVERNMENT OF BUS DRIVERS”. Bus drivers, driving the S.U.G bus up and down around the school vicinity. The only achievement this government have achieved are from the offices of the director of sports and the office of sec gen, whom most students in C.O.O.U can testify to their individual achievement compared to all the power and funds accorded to the S.U.G Governor, yet he couldn’t accomplish anything.
Of no doubt when this academic section is over, Anumudu Clement will not be remembered for anything because he achieved nothing. I am only recommending the S.U.G director of sport and the S.U.G secretary general for any office/post, how can I recommend Clement when he has achieved nothing.[so that he will go and drive all the officials car there]

  • What do you think is your greatest achievement as a student and leader?

My greatest achievement is my works in the faculty and the seminars I organized in the faculty and the empowerment programs which major portion of the student benefited from. We achieve all this in the space of six month and so other things i cant recal.

  • All the legacy you are leaving behind now, what are your advice to the next set of leaders in the faculty.

I expect the next set of leaders to be hard working and innovative. They should bring new ideas to the faculty and not depend on my own ideas by so doing they will help to foster development in the faculty.

  • What message do you have for the student?

I have 3 weeks left in this school as a student; I will miss all of you, concerning the forth coming election vote wisely and don’t vote in another bus driver because it is a yearly stuff. I wouldn’t tell you who to vote, all am saying is that you vote wisely and make the right decision. Vote wisely thanks.
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   This interview was conducted by TEAM SURELINKX on the 5th of June 2017

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