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Thursday, 28 September 2017

A day with chiommy as we celebrates her

Today being the 29th of September is an important day to someone....... Nine months ago she entered into the womb of a rare gem and began the journey of life.

Biology explains that about 200 to 300 million sperms were deposited by the man( her father) into her mother, after which they all began to swim upwards within the tract to meet with the ovum. Of the over 200 million that are deposited, only 300 to 500 actually reach the site( others get tired on the way because it is not a small race) but yet Chioma never got tired. And of the 300 that manage to reach the ovum(egg), only one fertilizes the egg, and in this case the Winning One is chikaogwu Chioma kelvina. Have u ever thought about this? She ran a race without her eyes and she won, she ran without education and she won, she ran without a certificate and she won, she ran without help.....and she won. What makes you think she will lose now? Now that she has both eyes and legs, now that she has the knowledge of God's word, now that she has a plan, a dream and a vision.

Beloved (Chioma)  you didn't give up on day one, you can't give up now, giving up now is an insult to your Creator. It doesn't matter what you see now, take it as a challenge, always remember that you WON from the womb. Always be Grateful to God Almighty no matter what. Better days ahead....


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