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Monday, 20 November 2017

New Format!!! Man Scams People By Sending Them Airtime In Ondo State (See How They Operate)

In case you get any SMS on your phone with Recharge Card, don’t even bother keep the SMS, just delete it from your phone immediately.

He’s the story of a Man rumored to be a Ritualist and how they look for Prey to use about..

A notorious fraudster known as Sunday Akingbesote, has been apprehended by security operatives in Oka, Ondo town, after being a terror to unsuspecting victims.

According to reports, the man is popularly known as daddy Michael or daddy Elijah. But in the veil of telecommunications, he is “Baba Ifa’ or ‘Baba Asipa’.

Those who know him have revealed his modus operandi which had been a problem to telecom users before his arrest.

The scammer who has also been labelled a ritualist by some – is reportedly known for sending airtime to random people via text message.

After sending the airtime/message to the unknown person, the ‘Baba’ would call the person and say he or she should send the airtime back because it was sent by mistake.

When the person sends the airtime back, the ‘Baba’ who will pretend to be grateful – would call he or she back and start praying in pretense that he is blessing the person for returning the airtime.

It is through this prayer format that he gets and traps his victim.

After praying for the unsuspecting victim, he would start to tell the person his or her so called “problems” and will try to offer solution to the person before the billings and payments will start installmentally.

Before the victim would know what is happening, he or she must have spent a lot of money for nothing.

Read the way they Operate below:-

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